About us

About Us

Am Programmer Guru living in Chennai, India. Let me introduce myself more formally, Iā€™m a normal guy, engineer by
education who is passionate about Programming and Internet. Here I am writing about Android, lot about developing
simple android applications, JSON and jQuery.

Are you a novice Android programmer and want to join with me in the journey of learning Android application development and lot more? You are in the right place then. šŸ™‚

We are helping Beginner/Novice programmers with useful Tutorials on Android programming, JSON, jQuery and more. Android Tutorial Blog is one of the top tutorial sites of ProgrammerGuru.com.

About Android Tutorial Blog

I started this blog as hobby blog in the year 2012 with tutorials on Android programming, now it has become one of the top tutorial sites across the globe. Thanks a lot folks !! šŸ™‚


This website runs with the help taken from other websites, blogs, books, journal articles and forums. Most of the content I write here are what I read from the sources I aforementioned. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to open source projects and others. Some of them are:

Stack OVerflow – Forum
Android – Reference site for most of my blog posts
Wordpress – My blogging platform
Oracle – Another reference site
Powtoon – Animation Video creator

Thanks for being my blog reader

Keep me posted with your valuable feedback, ideas and comments.

Happy learning!

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