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Welcome to ProgrammerGuru Tutorial Blog, and this page will have information which you require to advertise your product on Android Tutorial Blog.
ProgrammerGuru Tutorial Blog was started as a hobby blog in June 2012 where I used to publish whatever new stuffs I learn in Android and other technologies and in couple of years it has become one of the top Android Tutorial sites which mainly caters the needs of novice Android programmers.

We are happy in serving Android community with tutorials focusing on the basics and advanced concepts in Android programming.
Traffic stats

  1. Google page rank : 1
  2. Daily visits(Unique) : 3500+
  3. Daily visits(Including returning visits) : 2500+
  4. Daily page views: 6000+
  5. Facebook Fans: 14000+
  6. Google+ followers: 1500+
  7. Monthly page views: 300000+

Advertisement and Android App/Product review
Every product has different needs and requirements, and here at Android Tutorial Blog we offer different ways to advertise a product or service.

Here are available ad opportunities which you can get at Android Tutorial Blog.
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970X90 – Bottom

Top Bar -It is suitable to promote your Android/iOS App Installation. Top Bar has high visibility than other Ad blocks so it goes well with any kind of advertising.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at if you are interested to publish ads or review.

Also please note that a fore mentioned ad blocks will appear in all pages available in Android Tutorial Blog so that your product will reach wider range of audience.

Application/Product review

Have you launched new Android application which you want it to be reached to larger scale of audience?

Here is the best way to do that. We publish your Android App review with appropriate link to Play store which let the users to download your App right away.

Do you have some product or service which will be helpful for Android developers?

The best way to take it to Android developers is publishing the article about your product/service in Android Tutorial Blog. We assure you that it will reach wider range of Android developers since larger volume of our site visitors are Android developers. šŸ™‚

Application or Product/Service review post

Review will appear for life time and the review will also be published in Facebook and Google+.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at if you are interested to publish ads or review.

You can also reach us from here.

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