4 Low-Code Developer Tools You Can’t Ignore

Low-code app development isn’t really a new concept. With the demand of mobile apps on the rise for quite some time, developers have been resorting to various tools and techniques, which can ease the development process for them.

These low-code alternatives to the traditional app development are a must, given the fact that app development process often takes a lot of time for completion. As a consequence of this, the app may take a longer duration to reach the end-users.

In fact, today there is a volley of low-code tools, which help in the rapid development of apps. Faster results and the excitement to make a jumpstart as a mobile app developer are two of the incentives, which make these tools immensely popular among wannabe developers.

Here are some of the top rated tools used by developers specifically for Android app development.


1. Buzztouch

Buzztouch is a web-based software, which can be used to build both Android and iOS apps. Aptly called an ‘open source app engine’ that powers Android applications and iOS applications, the tool can be used with Android SDK for creating marvelous apps.

Essentially, Buzztouch Core is created to save the time and help you make quality apps. One of the key features of the tool is the source files that are a part of project downloads. These files are delivered in plain text format, which is obviously very useful. On the other hand, BtCentral Control Panel helps manage the apps created by using the tool. This way, it allows you to handle all sorts of dynamic content.

Since it provides the option of instantly downloading the source code of the app after creation, Buzztouch has many takers. Alternatively, this allows you to keep everything connected to Buzztouch servers, which furthers the development and make changes if the need arises. You can also opt for disconnecting any remaining ties with Buzztouch and ensure that the source code is in your control.

All that you need to do is use the Buzztouch control panel, make an app, download it and then use Android Studio to install it on your device. Once you are sure that the app meets all your requirements, submit it to Google Play. There is also an active community of Buzztouch users and you can interact with them to get all the support that you need during the app development process.

2. Telerik AppBuilder

Telerik AppBuilder claims to help developers turn their ‘web skills into mobile apps’. Using the tool, you can create cross-platform mobile apps for Android, Windows and iOS.

It offers a PhoneGap Cordova development environment with a shared code base for all mobile platforms without the need for creating separate projects or platform specific code. All that you need is a single, reusable HTML5/JavaScript code base for making your next app.

AppBuilder also provides built-in simulation, debugging and deployment tools, thereby saving you the hassle of buying new hardware to test the app for different mobile platforms. And even then, the resultant app will be exceptional in terms of quality.

If you like checking code and be sure before taking the next step, then you will be happy to know that with AppBuilder, you will be able to instantly check your code every single time. Just click on ‘save’ and you will be able to experience the changes in the code using Telerik LiveSync feature. This helps you skip the tedious process of building and deploying of your app and immediately check the code for changes.

The benefits of the tool don’t just end here.

You can use it to enhance your existing IDE and work in any UI framework, you find favorable. For instance, AppBuilder integrates with Angular, Ionic, jQuery Mobile, Kendo UI Mobile etc. Additionally, as newbies, you can opt for numerous sample apps that will help you easily kickstart cross-platform mobile app.
All in all, the tool helps you manage the entire project lifecycle and helps you deliver awesome apps.

3. AppMakr

If you are looking forward to a tool that simplifies the app making process and also offers truckloads of features and functionalities, look no further! Use AppMakr and create your app in easy steps. Just drag and drop content from your Android device or HTML5 app or edit an existing app. Yes, it is that easy!

The best part of the tool is that within the span of 20 minutes and $1 a month, you can easily build an app for Android platform.

There are many additional benefits of using this tool, which include but are not limited to the options of:

  • Sharing the app before publishing it
  • Monitoring total number of downloads by end-users
  • Using in-app messages to alert users
  • Getting first-hand reviews
  • Easily monetizing your apps
  • Creating image galleries
  • Sharing videos in the app and play podcasts

These amazing features take the app building process to new levels. Therefore, for those of you who want a complete package for app building, this tool is a must-try.


4. Alpha Anywhere 3.0

Are you looking forward to developing and deploying enterprise-level mobile app? If yes, then Alpha Anywhere 3.0 is the best choice!

The tool brings to the table a number of advanced features and functionalities:

  • It offers robust offline support (built-in), which reduces time and costs
  • It can be used to easily synchronize stored transactions back to the server
  • It makes it easy to detect and resolve various errors

Using the Alpha Anywhere 3.0, you can build offline apps (which do not need an internet connection to function). Also, it provides the option to allow users to log in to the application using a ‘social network’ login. This means encouraging more users to use the app without even signing up for the same.
You need to explore the tool a bit to fully realize its potential in app building.

Author Bio:
Jaykishan Panchal is a content marketer at MoveoApps, an android app development company. He enjoys writing about Technology, marketing @industry trends.

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