6 Most Fascinating Emulators for Android Devices

Older game consoles are the most exciting and memorable part of our childhood days, and it’s justifiably so. Not only did they help us unleash our heroic side, but also surprised us by giving the very first glimpse of gaming graphics. If you are a retro game junkie and want to live those marvelous moments again, then there are tons of emulators out there that will make you enjoy those classic moments again on your Android devices.

Below is a list of some best of breed emulators that are all set to give you a retrogaming experience on your Android smartphones or tablet devices. These emulators will take you back to those carefree days and will amuse you completely. All you need is just pick up your favorite emulator, connect it with your Android device, and start playing those old video games.

So, let’s talk about them in detail:

  1. MD.emu

MD.emu is an awesome emulator that comes packed with Sega CD, the Master Framework, and Sega Mega Drive. The emulator easily copies Sega Console and offers you a number of unite controls and features. It also offers you a four-player multitap, Menacer, and Justifier weapon controller. If it’s Sega Control that entices you, the ME.emu is an emulator that you shouldn’t miss. It is also very easy to use and gives you some striking controls for a fun-filled gaming experience.

  1. SuperN64

If you are a fan of Nintendo 64 game, then SuperN64 is made just for you. The emulator is an updated version of the Mupen64 and comes absolutely free. The emulator doesn’t include the game, but you can download the N65 game ROM from the Internet directly.

Super N64 is simple to use. Once you download the ROM on your device, you can easily access the SuperN64 and go about selecting the game you like to play. The emulator also has some really exciting default functions which can be adjusted as per your need.

  1. GBC Emulator

This one is a pretty cool emulator with all the features and functions you need to relish those decades old video games. GBC (also known as Game Boy Color) is an emulator that comes packed with outstanding ROM capabilities. It also offers you some great highlights to render you a wonderful background with turbo catches and more. It works fast and seems to be a nice solution to those who love that GBA period.

  1. Nostalgia.NES Pro

Who don’t know about Super Mario? Of course, it’s a game that thrilled us with its mushroom kingdom and motivated us to reach to the flag pole at the end of a level. If you want to meet the oldest but strongest hero of your childhood days, then Nostalgia.NES Pro is made just for you. The emulator is lauded for its ROM compatibility and amazing stability. Its stunning performance and integrated set of features are what make this emulator a superb choice. Some of its highlighting features include, rewind function, virtual controller customization, and more. The ease with which it lets you play your favorite games is absolutely remarkable.

  1. SNES

SNES is an emulator that runs a whole pile of games that were hit among the 90s kids. It’s truly commendable and comes with functions that are completely genius. It’s free to use, however, some options are paid. Its ROM support is awesome and we can play any game at full speed. The emulator also offers some scaling options to make these old games compatible with our high resolution devices. The options give an edge to the visuals without dismantling the retro look and feel.

  1. NES.emu

The .emu series has already gained a lot of appreciation for creating top-notch emulator apps, and NES.emu is something that takes their work to a new level. NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is a high-end emulator praised for its striking compatibilities and world-class features. It perfectly includes the console basics, controller, and a number of options to power NES. It also offers multi-touch controls and has a very comprehensive structure accompanied by a memory backup function.

To Wrap Up

With this, we wind up our list of some exemplary emulators for Android devices. You can download any one of them from the Play Store and start playing your old favorites once again.

Author Bio: Juana Steves is a highly experienced mobile app developer with Xicom Technologies, where you can hire a dedicated android developer. She also provide useful information about android technology. Join her on Twitter for latest updates.

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