Android – Basic setup and installation

Before we proceed with the setup, we should understand what makes Android so special?.

Here is the answer:

Android is a free and open operating system from Google that runs on all kinds of devices from phones, to tablets and even televisions. That’s a ton of different devices you can target with just one platform!. Google provides all of the stuff you need to get started building Android apps for free. Want to learn more about Android, just follow this link

Let’s talk about Android development environment. Android development environment is made up of several parts that work together for you to build Android apps. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

  1. Eclipse Integrated Development Environment
  2. Software Development Kit(SDK)
  3. Android development tool kit
  4. Android packages

Eclipse – IDE:

You must already know about Eclipse if you are a java developer. Here where you are gonna write code. Eclipse is a free and open source IDE managed by the Eclipse foundation.You can download Eclipse for free from the site.

If you already have installed eclipse in your system, please do check if it is compatible with ADT plugin. It’s better to reinstall latest version of eclipse to make it work perfectly.
Steps to install Eclipse IDE

Step 1:
Goto Eclipse website and download eclipse package as shown below:


Step 2: After the window 32 or 64 bit link is clicked, it will take you to download page where you need to select mirror server[download server] as shown below:


Step 3: Unzip the downloaded content and clcik on eclipse exe to launch the IDE:


Step 4: You could see the welcome page upon clicking the eclipse.exe as shown below. Select workbench out of it to launch Java or Web project editor.



Software Development Kit(SDK):

It has all the lower level tools to build, debug, run and test your android applications. You need to download SDK
from android website and make it ready for further steps involved in installation. Detailed explanation of SDK installation is given in this link, just follow it.

Android development tool kit:

It’s an eclipse plugin developed by Google that adds android specific functionality to IDE. Use the Update Manager feature of your Eclipse installation to install the latest revision of ADT on your development computer.Installing ADT plugin is pretty easy, just follow this link to proceed with the installation.

Android packages:

You can develop and support multiple versions of Android from the same environment. All you need to do is have and install different versions of android packages.

You are done with the Android setup and installation. We will see how to create our first Android program in next post. Since it’s my first post, I expect comments, suggestion and feedback from you guys.

 You can also get more info on basic setup from android site.



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Author: Udhay

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  • Revathy

    WOWWWWWWWWWWW Udhay !!!!!!!!!!

    Hats Off :):):) Gud Job :):):)

    The scrrenshots can be made much visible.. They look very tiny…

    • Sure Revathy.. Will make the screenshots more visible.. Probably increase the resolution.. :).. Thanks for the comment.. 😉

  • Aravind Sagar

    Wow! Feels good after reading the post… Has had an Android for almost an year now, and wanted to try app development for some time.. Will surely follow your blog.:)

    • Sure.. Get hands-on experience in Android development.. Thanks for the comment.. 🙂
      Happy learning!

  • prasanth

    Should I Definitely Need ECLIPSE…’cause I Already Have NetBeans …Doesn’t It Work ??

    • Hi Prasanth,
      Welcome to my blog..
      I won’t say netbeans will not support android programming.. It supports but working in eclipse is pretty easy and Google provides full support for eclipse plugin since they developed it.. So eclipse plugin will get more updates than netbeans one..

  • Images are too small. Plz provide the zoom option.

    • Sure… I am planning to change them.. 🙂

  • kabilan

    Nice start !## Love to read it. Go ahead and proceed

  • Jai

    Really awesome!!! Great Start…

  • KernelPanic

    Great site! Could recommend tools for Android development on Linux?

  • JavaOne 2013 India returns…!!

    JavaOne India 2013 returns..!!
    Java lovers’ gona love it, Check it out…. JavaOne 2013 is apparently being held at Hyderabad this year as well (8-9 May) at the same place guys…. They have also started accepting registrations (check this: )

  • praveen

    Great place for a beginner to start with android.Makes easy for the learning.

    All the best Udhay.

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