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I am glad to inform you folks that has created online tool to generate Colors.xml for Android applications. As always we are here to help Android community with our tutorials and tools and we are very much happy to serve you. 🙂

Coming to tool, Android Color Generator is a free online tool with which you can pick favorite colors you wish to use in your Android application and generate colors.xml instantly.

It is always bit difficult in finding colors online that suit Android applications (I had felt it many times), so I decided to put all those interesting colors together in a website so that Android developers can make use of it. In addition to just colors, this tool will help you in generating colors.xml for the colors you selected (looks interesting right?).

Here are the three steps to generate colors.xml.

Step 1: Pick your favorite Colors from the table:

Goto Android Color Generator tool, pick your favorite colors. You have three sources from which you can pick colors, they are:

  1. Android Colors (Swatches)
  2. HTML Colors
  3. Color Picker


Step 2: Review Selected Colors and update auto generated Color names:

In this step, you can unselect the selected colors (if needed) and also you are allowed to edit the auto generated color names.


Step 3: Generate Android Colors XML and download it:

This is the final step, Click Generate Colorx XML button to generate colors.xml for the colors you selected.


That’s all folks.

Pick your favorite colors, generate colors.xml and don’t forget to share your experience with me.

Please do spread a word about this tool to your friends and colleagues.

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Author: Udhay

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