Android GUI Tools and Kits you can’t afford to miss as an app developer

Android App Design and development is abound by the use of several GUI (Graphic User Interface) tools, icons, fonts and kits. Having reached an innovative height of success, Android has opened doors to strategies that can aid in designing and developing eye-catchy and functionally rich applications.

In this post, I’ve jotted down a list of top-notch Android GUI tools and kits that play a vital role in streamlining Android app design and development process.

Cutting down a majority of your design-from-scratch efforts; these GUI tools and kits enable you to purely focus on the development part.

So, let’s get to know more about these GUI tools and kits.

GUI Tools

Firstly, let’s take a walk through some effective Android GUI tools:

  1. AnDroidDraw

AnDroidDraw is basically an Android mobile applications development which is operated in collaboration with DroidDraw, allowing you to download the GUIs from DroidDraw. One of the best features of AnDroidDraw is that it allows you to preview the GUIs on an Android powered device or an emulator.

  1. App Inventor

App Inventor

This is an Android GUI tool that allows you to learn the method of developing Android apps directly from the professionals. To get started with the tool, all you need to do is simply set up your computer system, upload the tool and you’re done. You’ll be provided with an easy-to-interpret tutorial that would guide you on developing apps for different purposes. And that’s not all. This tool is also equipped with a reference material that allows you to switch from one level to another when it comes to building an out-of-the-box Android application.

  1. DroidDraw

As one of the most popular GUI editors for Android, DroidDraw allows you to build GUI(Graphic User Interfaces) for Android apps that need to be compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Initially designed for the Java programmers, DroidDraw allows you to indulge in bug-free GUI generation for the Android mobile platform.

Now, let me make you familiar with the highly recommended Android Full GUI Kits

  1. Google Android GUI PSD

Inspired by teehan+lax’s iPhone PSD, Google Android PSD comes equipped with basic GUI elements that have been built using vectors.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus UI Kit PSD

Samsung PSD

Designed by DeviantArt User zandog, Samsung Galaxy Nexus UI Kit includes fully customized PSD file which includes 25+ Groups, 120+ layers and graphics with a resolution of 4500x.

  1. Android 4 Pencil Stencil GUI(Graphic User Interface)

Specially designed to be used with Pencil GUI Prototyping tool, Android 4 Pencil Stencil GUI Kit includes a zip file what comprises of 5 innovative stencils via: Holo Dark GUI, Holo Light GUI, General GUI, Holo Light Icons and many more.

  1. Android 4.0 ICS GUI Design Kit

Android ICS GUI

This is undoubtedly one of the largest Android GUI Template packages that include everything from original fonts to fully-editable PSD files. To put it simply, Android 4.0 ICS GUI Design Kit has everything that’s required for customizing the Android design kits in a manner that suits your specific preferences.

  1. Fireworks Template for Android

If you’re inclined on starting up with an interactive design for Android then Fireworks Template is a must-try for you. In this template, you’ll find a wide collection of Android user interface elements which have been redrawn as vector images.

  1. Android Honeycomb Omnigraffle Stencil

The version 3.0 of Android Honeycomb Ominigraffle stencil is rich in some remarkable reusable UI elements such as keyboards, camera settings, toolbars, dialogue boxes etc. allowing you to create apps prototypes for Android Honeycomb. That’s not all. Android Honeycomb Omnigraffle Stencil also includes Google widgets such as calendar, camera and many more.

Wrapping it all up

With that it’s a wrap on this blog which make you aware about the finest Android GUI tools and kits that are a must-have in the kitty of every novice as well as professional Android app developer. The best feature of all these GUI tools and kits is that they are easy to use and work as fabulous options for creating Android apps that not only look great but also function perfectly. Have you used any of these tools or kits? If yes, then don’t hesitate in penning down your experiences using the comments box below. Also, feel free to jot down your feedback(comments/suggestions) regarding my blog.

Author Bio:

Victoria Brinsley is an Android developer for Appsted Ltd – a leading Android mobile application development company. You can get in touch with her to explore more knowledge about the development platform.

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