Mobile Apps Stats and Trends

Mobile apps are reaching to every pocket rapidly. Since 2009 we have noticed that mobile Apps are increasing consistently and you will find a mobile app for almost every need.

Right from searching diapers for kids or searching partner to have kids 🙂 One cannot deny that they are getting addicted of this technology.

According to survey based on the report from Forrester Research, mobile users spend 80 percent of time in just five apps.

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Android Studio Useful Shortcuts

Hello folks,

It’s time to migrate to Android Studio and stop using Eclipse to develop Android applications since Google stopped its support for Eclipse – Android Developer tools long back.

Reference: Android Developers Blog

It was bit difficult for me to use Android studio as the shortcuts we use in Eclipse are totally different here so I decided to write a quick post on Android studio – shortcuts.

You can take a look at the shortcuts in the below embedded Google Slides; If you want to grab a copy of it, please click through the download link at the bottom of the page.

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4 Low-Code Developer Tools You Can’t Ignore

Low-code app development isn’t really a new concept. With the demand of mobile apps on the rise for quite some time, developers have been resorting to various tools and techniques, which can ease the development process for them.

These low-code alternatives to the traditional app development are a must, given the fact that app development process often takes a lot of time for completion. As a consequence of this, the app may take a longer duration to reach the end-users.

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How to Make Irresistible Android Game Trailers?

Every time we highly anticipate the release of a movie and then decide to watch the movie in theatre, it is either because we have seen the trailer which developed our interest in the movie or someone else has watched the trailer and recommended us to watch it.

The same principal works well with android games, we decide to download a game if we like its trailers and it develops our interest. Following are some tips on how to make irresistible android game trailers to get large number of game downloads.

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SnackBar Vs Toast

After Material Design was introduced in Android, lot many changes happened to Android UI components. Few of the existing components were enhanced and few new components were introduced for stunning UI experience.

Today we are going to discuss about one such new UI component: ‘SnackBars’ – You might have heard or seen in Apps at the bottom, which is introduced as a quick alternative for Toast.

In this post, following will be discussed:

  1. What is Toast?
  2. What is SnackBar?
  3. Difference between SnackBar and Toast.
  4. Usages of SnackBar and Toast
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