Introduction to Android Fragments

Hello readers, It’s been long time posting new tutorial in my Android Tutorial Blog. I was totally occupied with personal work (Marriage and other stuffs) and also recently moved to USA for onsite assignment so I couldn’t engage myself much into blogging.

Going forward, I am planning to publish one or two tutorials every week. Keep watching this space for more interesting Android tutorials and provide your love and support as you gave before.

In this post, we are going to discuss about Android Fragments – A vague and bit tough to understand topic in Android programming world.

I divided Fragment topic into three different posts as given below (Hope this will help you to get to know much about Fragment and its implementation):

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6 Most Fascinating Emulators for Android Devices

Older game consoles are the most exciting and memorable part of our childhood days, and it’s justifiably so. Not only did they help us unleash our heroic side, but also surprised us by giving the very first glimpse of gaming graphics. If you are a retro game junkie and want to live those marvelous moments again, then there are tons of emulators out there that will make you enjoy those classic moments again on your Android devices.

Below is a list of some best of breed emulators that are all set to give you a retrogaming experience on your Android smartphones or tablet devices. These emulators will take you back to those carefree days and will amuse you completely. All you need is just pick up your favorite emulator, connect it with your Android device, and start playing those old video games.

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Android GUI Tools and Kits you can’t afford to miss as an app developer

Android App Design and development is abound by the use of several GUI (Graphic User Interface) tools, icons, fonts and kits. Having reached an innovative height of success, Android has opened doors to strategies that can aid in designing and developing eye-catchy and functionally rich applications.

In this post, I’ve jotted down a list of top-notch Android GUI tools and kits that play a vital role in streamlining Android app design and development process.

Cutting down a majority of your design-from-scratch efforts; these GUI tools and kits enable you to purely focus on the development part.

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How to Position Toast in Android Application?

In this post, I am going to discuss about how to position toast message in Android applications.

What is Toast?

A toast provides simple feedback about an operation as a simple popup message. It is usually be displayed at the bottom of the Application.

What are we going to develop?

The application which we are going to develop will help you to create toast messages in different positions by altering Gravity and also by taking custom X-offset and Y-offset values.

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How to Receive Simple Data from Other Apps?

In this post, I am going to discuss about receiving simple data from other Android applications installed in your device using Intent.

What is Intent?

Intents are system messages, running around the inside of the device, notifying applications of various events, from hardware state changes (e.g.,an SD card was inserted), to incoming data (e.g., an SMS message arrived),to application events (e.g., your activity was launched from the device’s main menu).

What are we going to develop?

The application which we are going to develop will handle the incoming text or image and display them accordingly.

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