Eclipse shortcuts for Android developers

As we all know Eclipse is the widely used IDE for developing Android applications. Some of us don’t know how to use it efficiently(Me too), so I decided to write a post on the most frequently used shortcuts here.


I just remember the quote “When it comes to success, there are some shortcuts” when I think about the word ‘Shortcut’  😛

You can grab a copy of ‘Eclipse shortcuts’ from here

Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + R Open / Search for resources, e.g. files
Ctrl + Shift + T Open / Search for Types
Ctrl + E Allows to select an editor from the currently open editors
Ctrl + F8 Shortcut for switching perspectives
Alt + ? or Alt + ? Go to previous/ next editor position in history
Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown Switch to previous/next editor
F3 Go to the declaration of this variable
Ctrl + Shift + P Go to the matching bracket

Search Shortcuts

Ctrl + . Go to the next problem / error
Ctrl + , Go to the previous problem / error
F4 on a variable Show type hierarchy
Ctrl + J , Ctrl + K Incremental search, find next
Ctrl + Shift + G Search for references in the workspace

Run Shortcuts

Ctrl + F11 Run last launched
Alt + Shift + X – J Run current selected class as Java application

Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl + 1 Quickfix; result depending on cursor position
Ctrl + Space Content assist/ code completion
Ctrl + T Show the inheritance tree of the current Java class
Ctrl + O Show all methods of the current class, press Ctrl + O again to show the inherited methods.
F12 Focuses on the editor (especially helpful if you work with Fast Views).
Ctrl + M Maximize Java editor
Ctrl + Shift + F Format source code
Ctrl + Shift + O Organize the imports; will import the missing import statements.
Ctrl + Q Go to position the cursor at the last changed position in the editor.

Arrow Key Shortcuts

Ctrl + Left Move one element to the left
Ctrl + Right Move one element to the right
Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Copy line
Alt + Up / Down Move line up / down
Alt + Shift Up / Down Select the previous / next syntactical element
Ctrl + Up / Down Scroll up / down a line in the editor


Delete Shortcuts

Ctrl + D Deletes line
Ctrl + Shift + DEL Delete until end of line
Ctrl + DEL Delete next element
Ctrl + BACKSPACE Delete previous element

Coding Shortcuts

Shift + F2 Show the Javadoc for the selected type / class / method
Alt+Shift + N + Letter Type shortcut for the command, e.g. njc to create a new Java class or npip to create a new Plugin project
Alt + Shift + Z Surround block with try and catch
Ctrl + 2, L Assign statement to new local variable
Ctrl + 2, F Assign statement to new field


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Author: Udhay

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