How to import android project in eclipse

I sensed from the comments and mails.that developers are facing problem in importing existing Android project to Eclipse I decided to write a separate post on it which just discuss about how to import android project in eclipse.

I have also discussed the trouble shooting procedures to be followed when you face issues in importing Android project.


Step 1: Choose and download the project from here

Step 2: Unzip the project


Step 3: Import the unzipped project to Eclipse: Select File >> Import



Step 4: Import the unzipped project to Eclipse: Select Existing Projects into Workplace and click next


Step 5: Import the unzipped project to Eclipse: Click Browse to browse the unzipped project, click OK.


Step 6: Click Finish, you could see the project imported to Eclipse as shown below



Trouble shooting:

Eclipse will throw error when compatible compiler or SDK is not found in your development environment. Try either of the below solutions, it should work.
Most common error that occurs is “Unable to resolve target ‘android-XX'”.

Solution 1
Right click on the project >> Android Tools >> Fix Project Properties. If this solution doesn’t work, try Solution #2.


Solution 2
Open file present under the project folder and update the target version. Provide the target SDK version which is installed in your machine.


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Author: Udhay

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  • Rick

    Excellent post and much appreciated!

    As to the (target=android-16), this wasn’t an obvious issue, and I only stumbled on the value by looking at other code, and still did not realize what I was doing.

    On the Import issue, I am accustomed to Code Red Technologies C/C++ Eclipse where the import uses the actual zip archive. Different product & different rules.

    • Rick,
      Thanks for the comment!
      Target value is set in properties file based on the target device we choose at the time of creating project. So make sure that the SDK version with target value specified in properties file is there in your machine, if not change it. Yup each product follows different rules.

  • surya

    hello .in my new app i have to create a button which will allow to create other buttons like the one seen in google places can u help me?

  • Shivika

    Sir, both the methods didn’t work for me.Can you please suggest some other way.

    The is showing the following error:
    Could not open the editor: Resource is out of sync with the file system: ‘/RemoteBluetooth/’.

  • vinoth

    any body help in creating app for android tat allows to place the call through wifi and specify me the requirements

  • excellent

  • Faizal

    Sir, both the methods didn’t work for me.Can you please suggest some other way.

    am having error in ” src–>com.example.simplemessenger–> ”

    Pls tell me to clear the errors….

    • Hi Faizal,

      I don’t know what error you are getting in which you created under the package com.example.simplemessenger. Can you post the error you are getting so that I will try to help you out?

      • Faizal

        thank u and sorry sir.
        The project is running sir….

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