How to Prolong the Life of Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphones are getting more versatile and amazing as each day goes by, but with the increase in their capabilities also came an increase in the amount of energy that they need to operate.

Seeing how battery size is quite limited if you want to have a reasonably small phone, most people have simply accepted the fact that they need to recharge their phone every two days, but if you are tired of this routine, there are a number of things that you can do in order to make sure that you get some extra juice out of your battery.

Some of these solutions will only work on older Android phones, as they have already been addressed in newer ones, but some will be able to benefit you regardless of the age of your device and the version of Android that it is running.


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Keep your Phone Away from Heat

This is one of the universal solutions that will help you regardless of what phone you have. You’d be surprised at how much of an effect can heat have on your battery life. Try keeping your phone out of your pocket as much as you can, and never leave it in the sun or in a hot car.


Different connections that your phone is trying to establish or maintain can be really draining on your phone. Your data connection is especially tricky, so if you have a Wi-Fi connection available, make sure that you are using it instead of the data connection. If not, simply turn the data connection off when you are not actively using it. If, however, there are no Wi-Fi connections in the area, make sure that your phone is not constantly searching for one. Likewise, make sure that your Bluetooth is off whenever you are not using your headphones or making data transfers, as it can also drain your battery in no time.


Smartphone screens are getting nicer to look at, but their improvements, along with their size, contribute to the fact that they are one of the major drains on your battery. Luckily, minimizing their influence is quite simple. Apart from keeping the brightness at a lowest acceptable value, you should also make sure that you have removed all the unnecessary eye candy, such as live wallpapers and similar. Likewise, you shouldn’t allow the screen to turn off after it has been inactive for a while, but should do it yourself, as soon as you’re done with what you were doing. If you still want to it turn off on its own, at least set the time limit to the lowest value you can.

Rooting the Phone

Finally, if you want access to some of the more advanced solutions, rooting your phone may enable you to really make a difference. For one, you can flash a lower voltage kernel than the one you’re currently using, or even underclock your CPU, so that it wastes as little energy as possible when you are not actively using your phone. Rooting your phone will also allow you to remove unnecessary bloatware, as well as automate different energy saving processes.

Article by Samuel Evans blogger and writer for Mobile Shop. Samuel currently uses Nokia Lumia 920.


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