Android AJAX Auto Load

What is Ajax Auto Load?

If you take a look at dynamic websites, the content of the website will be refreshed automatically without user intervention. Example – CricInfo in which the score card will be refreshed in a time interval and display the latest score.

AJAX Auto Load in Android

The Android application which we are going to develop will refresh the content of activity and show the latest content retrieved from the server through AJAX call. Our application gonna get the server’s time through AJAX call for every 5 seconds and update the server time inside Android activity. This will happen without user intervention (like Tap, Scroll, Click etc.,).

Interesting? Let’s us start create the application.

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AJAX Tutorial

We are happy to announce that we have launched tutorial on AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript and XML.

Click through the below links to learn AJAX – a technique for creating dynamic, better, faster and more interactive web applications.

Lot more tutorials are coming soon, keep watching the space for more updates.

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