Username Availability Check Android Application using Java RESTful Webservice

In this post, I will be discussing on how to create Android application to check if the username typed by user is available to choose or not.

When it comes to Username availability check, I always remember Google registration page where it checks for the username availability once you finished typing username and moved to next form control and also it updates the User whether the Username is available to pick or not.

I tried to register with username that already exists, I just captured the screen-print of it.

Take a look at it below:


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Om Chant – Android Application

In this post, I am going to discuss about how to create ‘Om Chant’ application. Let me give you an overview of ‘Om Chant’ application:

Om Chant – Android Application

  1. The Om Chant application chants the universal mantra – ‘Om‘ continuously. Om is one of the most powerful mantra which brings inner peace to whoever listens to it.
  2. Application chants Om continuously once you press play button.
  3. One can stop playing it by pressing pause button.
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Android screen crack prank

In this post, we are going to develop an application, its kinda game which can be used to prank your friends. :). Yes, you want to fool your friends with a simple android application, just go through the post to develop one for you :). I would like to name this application – ‘Screen crack prank’.

Application’s theme:

Let your friends play the game on your Android phone and see how the screen cracks and the screen goes black and also vibrates. Your friends will believe they broke your phone.

You must have already seen such applications in Google play but creating one such application is really fun!!

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