How to turn on/off only camera flashlight – simple torch example

In this post, we are gonna develop a simple torch application which uses android device’s flashlight. Application will have only one button at the center of the layout which is used to turn on/off the camera flashlight.

When you press ‘Torch-ON’ button, our program calls system packages to turn on flashlight and the button text is changed to ‘Torch-OFF’ . Similarly when button is pressed again, it calls system packages again to turn off flashlight and changes the button text to ‘Torch-ON’.

Let us begin..

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Click-Pick-Set – Simple Camera Activity

This post is all about how to use camera activity in your Android application. Let me give a quick glance of what we are going to develop today. We will have one image view and two buttons (one for taking picture and other for setting wallpaper) in our application. When you click Take photo button, will take you to default camera present in your device and capture the image. You can set the clicked image as your wallpaper just by clicking Set as Wallpaper button. Does it sound interesting?.. I hope YES.. 🙂

Let’s begin…

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