How to sync SQLite on Android to MySQL DB?

In this post, I am going to explain how to sync data present in Android SQLite database to remote MySQL DB. In most of the Android applications, the data present in the local SQLite database will be synced with remote DB in order to perform statistical operations at the server end, maintain backup of the offline data etc.

In such cases, offline data will be synced with remote DB when User explicitly hits ‘Sync’ button or asynchronously by the application itself (in particular interval) when Internet connectivity is available.


You must have knowledge of SQLite before you start creating the application. Have a glance at the below articles which will make you understand much about SQLite

What is SQLite?

Android SQLite CRUD example

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Android Webservice Tutorial

In this post, I will walk you through the importance of using Web Service in Android applications.

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What is Web Service?

A web service is a standard used for exchanging information between applications or systems of heterogeneous type. Software applications written in various programming languages and running on various platforms can use web services to exchange information over Internet using http protocol.

This inter-operability can be achieved between Java and Dot net applications, or PHP and Java applications.

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Android Dot Net Web Service Login

In this post, I am going to discuss about how to authenticate Users in Android application using Dot Net Web service.The application which I am gonna create will have two screens – Login screen and Home screen.

User has to type his/her credentials and click ‘Login’ button. Once ‘Login’ button is clicked, application fires call to Dot Net web service along with Username and Password typed by User. Our Activity waits for response from the web service, once it receives response, it decides whether to take User to next screen(Home) or show ‘Login Failed’ message based on the response.

Here is the graphical representation of whatever we discussed:

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Android JSON Web Service Tutorial

In this post we will be discussing on how to consume JSON response (returned on invoking web service) in Android applications. I took simple example to demonstrate the JSON Web service tutorial. The example which we are gonna create will have two spinner controls (called Dropdownlist in traditional desktop applications), one to display ‘Countries’ list and other to display ‘Cities’ list.

When user selects a country from the ‘Countries’ spinner control, cities belong to the selected country will be populated in the ‘Cities’ spinner control.

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How to call Java web service in android

It was bit difficult to find out a good tutorial on how to call Java web service from inside Android application so I just decided to write one.

In this post, we are going to discuss about calling a web service from inside an Android application that has been developed using JEE technology.

Before we start with developing application, create a simple web service and deploy it in Apache Tomcat or Glass Fish server (server installed in your local machine or hosted server).

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