A Guide to Promoting Your App on Social Media

So, you’ve spent hours and hours, countless hours, developing, planning, creating and fine-tuning your app and it’s either ready for or has been released quite recently.
However, you don’t feel like your app is making the impact that you thought it would originally have with your audience and now, you’re on the lookout for ways to get your creation to the masses.
Today, we’ll explore,throughout this guide, the ins and outs of promoting your app on social media and how you can effectively get your product or service out there into the big wide world.

Easily the most popular and most used social media platform with over two billion users, Facebook is a must when it comes to promoting your app online and should be the platform that you start with. To begin your promotion process, start by creating a page for your app with all the relevant information.
Then, you’ll need to create a list of groups that you can contact or post on that will help you to publicize your app. Once, you’ve created your list and your pages; you’ll need to start thinking about the content you’re going to create to publicize your app.
Facebook is a very visually heavy platform, so any images and videos you can use will be ideal. There’s so much you can do. You might want to make a trailer for your app or maybe even a how-to video, showing how the app is used and how it will benefit your user’s lives.
Also, it’s worth noting that users of Facebook love an offer as they think they are getting something for nothing. Whether you’re trying to get likes and follows or directly market your app, give away discount codes, passes and run other competitions.
The second social media platform that you’ll want to conquer when promoting your app is Instagram. This is a very visually heavy platform so you’ll want to invest a lot of time into sourcing videos and images for your page.
If you haven’t created a dedicated profile for your app, do so now. Then, you’ll want to create a backlog of social media posts that you can upload as you gain popularity. Really try to think outside the box of what your app has to offer.
You could be explaining the features of your app, posting screens or even videos of people using your app.No matter what you decide to go with, ensure that your posts are the highest quality possible. You’ll also want to use a mixture of videos and images.
You’ll also want to spend a lot of time research the hashtags that you want to use on each post so you can boost your post’s visibility. If you haven’t already launched your app, Instagram is a great platform to build up hype about your upcoming launch.
Although Instagram is very heavy on the visuals, you’ll also want to be aware of the power that the caption has. You’ll want things to be short and sweet but will have enough impact on your readers to make them say ‘wow, that’s awesome!’. You can use online resources, such as State of Writing, that can show you how to write compelling captions.

The final, and one of the most important, social media platforms you’ll want to be aware of is, of course,Twitter. One of the best features of Twitter is that allows you to connect and communicate with your followers directly.
Think of your Twitter feed as a timeline for your journey, even if it’s from creation to launch and beyond.
When using websites like Facebook, most companies and businesses will portray a certain image and will remain consistent in that image.
However, with Twitter, you’ll be able to play with image and you’ll have the chance to be a lot more laid-back, casual and human. Talk to your followers. Reply to their comments. Host and run competitions on your page and really start to build a community around your app. Just like the other social media platforms listed above, you’ll want to use a fair number of images and videos to boost your online credibility.
What’s more, just like Instagram, you’ll also want to master the art of using hashtags. Look for trending topics and current events that you can link your posts too. This will dramatically help you to boost your online visibility and, therefore, your follower count and engagement rates.
Final Thoughts
According to Entrepreneur, the best way to promote an app is by giving your users what they want. This includes the benefits of your app and how it will change their lives. Make it really personal and try to distance yourself from being the kind of company that resembles a brick wall. Instead, be inviting, sociable and, most importantly, create a sense of community.
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