Cool new features in Android Nougat 7.0

Here’s a look at the cool new features in Android Nougat 7.0

Google keeps on updating its operating system for mobiles every now and then and bring up some cool new features to ease out everything for us. Here is a rundown of all what to expect from the latest launched Operating System – Android Nougat 7.0.

The new Android Nougat is loaded with new features and updates to better the overall experience.

Soon to be announced the latest Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel all have it on board.


  • Close all

Google now includes a clear all button where in one go you can close all the apps and the windows opened at the back. Just tap the close all options. You will find the new button at the top in the preview cards.

  • Save your data through data saver

Data Saver will come handy when you are low on monthly data. If you enable it, data saver would prevent the apps from consuming the data in the background. What it means is that all your apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc might not get updated in the background prior to you being notified.

You can still choose which app to get refreshed and which other apps would require your permission. How to enable this feature? Just go to the settings app, click on data usage and then data saver and this new feature is now working. You can also tailor those apps that should not follow these settings.

  • Get notified and reply to messages anywhere

There is a new reply option available now whenever you receive any message on apps like messenger, hangouts etc. Just tap it and you can view it and give an instant reply. Your replies get added to the notification section so that you can keep track of the ongoing conversation.

  • Notifications bundled into one

Multiple notifications coming one after the other from the same app was somewhat annoying. Android Nougat, however, tries to answer this by bundling all the notifications from one app into one.

Swipe down to read every single notification along with details and manage them individually.

  • Manage all the notifications

You can now customize as to which app’s notification you want to see and which ones will go on silent mode. No need to go to settings menu, just long press the notification and you are done.

  • A new Settings app

The settings app has seen a makeover. The top section would give the suggestion for the items that you might want to enable or disable. It would take minimal effort on your part to switch to the settings menu; it comes from the left side of the display. You can also jump between different categories effortlessly.

  • Switch to apps quickly

To switch to the last two apps you accessed, just double tap the multi tasking button; it’s effortless. This feature comes most useful when you want to copy information from one text to the other and want that both the apps are in their full size.

  • Multi window

Android Nougat now allows for viewing two apps at one go. Long pressing the multitasking button will reduce the screen size of the current app you are working upon and give you option to choose from the other opened apps opened at the background.

You can adjust the size of every opened app through handle drag in the mid of the screen.

  • Settings Tiles

Quick settings tiles will appear when you swipe down on the screen twice after notifications and settings appear. You will find a pencil button at the top which means you can rearrange, move, or delete the tiles as per your requirement. You can also make multiple pages of tiles if you swipe left or right.

  • Adjust display size

It is not just the font size that you can adjust but, even the display size with Android Nougat. There is a display size feature through which you can adjust everything what is there on display.

Go to the settings, click display, and then display size and use the slider to adjust the size.

  • Send GIFs to everyone

It’s not only the emoticons that you can send across while composing a message but also GIFs. There is a GIF keyboard by default in Android Nougat 7.11. Tap on the emoticon icon and then choose the GIF button. Browse and pick the image you want to send across.


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