Developing a growth strategy for your Mobile App – a short guide

The joy of programming while developing a mobile app

First you had a great idea and you built an app for it. Building it was actually fun. Until the app was finishied and then…oh wait, what was it that you should be doing next?
Your acquisition

Get people to download it.

A : App Store Optimization 

Optimize Text

A text which optimizes by app stores needs to be set in title and description tag using keywords you are targeting to search. If you add such kind of keywords in your app or game app title & description, the app store will rank your app or game much better.

A/B test your icons
An A/B test gives the result for the icons by checking that icons are user-friendly, proper in size, with proper pixels, and must be attractive.

Use compelling screenshots
Having the right size screenshots ensures that none of your images come out distorted, keeping your visual story compelling and professional looking.

Improve your ranking
Publish relevant content. Quality content created specifically for your intended user increases site traffic, which improves your site’s authority and relevance.

B : Organic acquisition

Branding :
The name should be short and the tagline clear and concise.

Lead Generation via PR :
Target the relevant reporters to cover your product

Communication :
Find out what’s working & what’s not. Use social media to build relationships – Use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to connect and communicate with customers and give them a space for sharing experiences with your company, so they can become brand ambassadors.

App indexing :
A great way to get organic acquisition – which means free downloads.

C : Paid acquisition
FB Ads: encorage sharing

Featured content: focus on segments that get traction

Evaluate your investment : set up analytics & quickly identify what is working.

User retention
now don’t go wasting all the effort you put into acquisition

1 User Experience
Use relationships to build trust – Build relationships with customers in a way that fosters trust. Do this through shared values and nurture customer relationships.

How are downloaders using your app?
Do users understand how to use the app?
Set up your funnels : improve your retention strategies.

2 Re-engagement

Automate engagement:
To hold existing users, let them engage by offerings the discounts and more opportunity to re-engage with your app. Use push notifications. Segment users based on usage, location etc.

Get user feedback :
First you fix what’s not working and then you build the cool new features. First of all, make sure that the issues resolve precisely. Later on, create the fresh features to expand the one level up and get feedback about the newly updated features from the users.

3 Performance
Use tools to monitor when your app crashes.
You should be aiming for 98% crash free performance.

Useful Tip
 48% of users who download an app & see it crash are less likely to use the app again.

 A third 31% of downloaders will tell others of their negative experience.

 Analytics for growth : collect information measure the traction channel

 Analytics is about your product working well not the quantityof downloads

Your toolbox
User behaviour : Firebase analytic, mixpannel, or fabric answers.

App quality : Launchkit review or app figures

Appstore comments & reviews : Launchkit review monitor or app figures

Communication channels : Intercom or Zendesk.

Press mentions : Google alerts.

A/B testing : Optimizely and firebase remote config.

Useful Tip
 Retention at Day X

 How many people come back to your app in the same day after they instal it

 Google analytics that is a mix of retention and acquitision

Think outside of the box

Shift mindset from developing an app to running a business.
A good devleoper has to have a 360` of their business – not just the coding part. Let’s recycle your mind and create some more enjoyable and fresh things in business that break the boundary of limits in which you are now.

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