How Realtors can Reshape Customers Experience with AR and VR

The technologies of VR and AR can power real estate companies and agents to deliver better services to customers and save huge time. Imagine you, as a property agent, are able to provide customers with an open house tour of a home for sale without even driving to there. Imagine if you are able to show a fully constructed apartment along with its interior and exterior on a location while there is actually nothing on that location.
Many real estate companies and agents have provided these kinds of experience and, they have been successful not only in providing better customers experience but also saving huge time that they need to spend in taking each and every customer to the property sites.
How realtors can reshape customers experience with AR and VR
This is how the mobile app development technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality are advancing real estate industry, too. As of an IDC report prediction, the global revenue generated for VR/AR will reach $13.9 billion by the end of 2017. If it happens, it would clearly be an increase of 130.5 percent from last year’s spending. IDC also expects that market will in fact explode in coming years with reaching $143.3 billion by 2020.
Of course, a big portion of this growth will be contributed by real estate industry in which several businesses are adopting the mobile versions of VR and AR technologies to make buying-selling more interesting as well as to control cost.

Here is how realtors are adopting the technologies of VR and AR

Offering customers with 3D VR tours via mobile app
The technology of virtual reality has now evolved to such simplicity as ordinary device can also support 3D VR tours of real estates. All realtors need is an app having the VR content of the properties-on- the-sold. At the other end, customers or app-users need VR headset and smartphone. VR headsets having motion sensors can also deliver a realistic 360-degree tour of apartments.
With these virtual 360 tours of real estate properties, agents are able to save time that they have to spend in taking customers for property tours and entertain more inquires in a single day.
AR apps for buyers to imagine how an apartment or room will look like with their own style of furniture
Open houses often have furniture of previous owners where buyers will walk through. A purposely designed AR app allows potential buyers to see the home with a furniture-style in their mind.
There are in fact companies and apps that allow buyers to visualize an apartment or room in house in a way they want to style it. All they will need to do is to see through app using the camera of the device.

Virtual Walkthroughs Sell Buyers on an Un-built Location
Virtual reality can also help realtors to present a walkthrough of properties or apartments which are either under-constructions or un-built at all. The 3D models implemented to VR app technologies can facilitate realtors to offer customers with 3D tours of properties. Customers, by wearing VR headset, can access property and have its external and internal walkthroughs on their own.

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