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  1. Why should you write for ProgrammerGuru Tutorial Blog?

    Because you are taking much from the community, it’s time to payback 🙂 . Currently, http://programmerguru.com/ is generating more than 3 lakhs (0.3 millon) pageviews per month and its growing, writing for ProgrammerGuru Tutorial Blog on Android and other technologies could benefit you to :

    • Reach a worldwide audience of Android developers.
    • Driving traffic, ranking back to your own blog or website, via author link.
    • Get more followers on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, via author link.
    • Build your reputation, to get a better job offer or outsourcing opportunity.

    Authors who are interested to write for us will get backlinks to their blog/website and social profiles (like Facebook, Google Plus Twitter).

  2. How to get your post published?
    We stick to publishing policy, we reject submissions that do not adhere to our publishing policy. We love tutorials, here’re some guidelines to increase the chance that your post get published.
    For Tutorials

    1. User friendly, and easy to understand explanation(listings), try to explain jargons(if any).
    2. Avoid code snippet, post full source code.
    3. Screenshot of the result/output.
    4. Include reference links at the end of the article.
    5. Zip the full source code(eclipse project), related images(screen shots) and any other resources for download.

    Please follow the presentation content format of these tutorials:
    Dialer applicaiton Click pick set application What is Android Intent?

  3. Ready?
    Ready? Welcome, then, here are three steps to earn money or Author bio and link:

    1. Let us know your interest with an article title and other details by mailing to admin@programmerguru.com. We will reply back within 48 hours after conducting preliminary review on the topic you chose and other details.
    2. Write the article as mentioned and submit it back to us through mail for review and approval.
      • Reviews and approval will strictly abide by our rules and policy and extra attention will be paid towards content quality.
      • Response will be sent back in maximum of 3 days.
    3. Article will be published with backlinks to your website/blog along with your social profiles.

Publishing policies

  1. Simple and easy
    We are big fans of simple, easy-to-read, full source code and original work by authors. Everyone is eligible to join and publish on this website, BUT, each submission will have to go through a review by our editors prior to publication. In addition to a check for plagiarism, light editing and reviews before they can be published on the website.
  2. Copyrights
    All published contents must be the original works of the authors. None of the sponsors or advertisers – not even us, the publisher – have influence over the advice, recommendations and opinions in, or the direction of, the contributed article.
    While all efforts are taken to ensure that none of the articles published on the website are illegally reproduced or have infringed upon the copyrights of another author, in the event that such a situation has been proven to have occurred, we will not hesitate to remove the said article from the website.
    For all published contents :

    1. Author grant exclusive rights on the published content and its accompanying files in their entirely to the android.programmerguru.com.

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