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How to align Div element using CSS Grid?

Most searched question on Internet is “How to align div center in HTML”. If not you, at least I did search many times before, so decided to put my notes as a blog post here. Using CSS Grid we can align elements in nine different positions.

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How to detect if JavaScript is ON or OFF in a browser?

A web page doesn’t exist without JavaScript code in this Modern web world. Agree? To me detect if JavaScript is enabled in the browser or not is a mandatory check a developer needs to perform before start writing tons of lines of JavaScript code. Come on in.. let’s quickly learn how this check can be achieved few lines of code. 

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7 HTML5 elements to explore and use in your next project

As we all know HTML5 providing lots of new features that Web didn’t see before. There are 7 HTML5 tags you must know to use in your next project. These elements are of type – “EMBED” tags.

 I will walk you through the tags that can be used to embed audio, video and more along with Demos. 

Let’s begin!

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How to get started with GitLab?

In this post, I am going to walk you through how to get started with GitLab.

Git is the popular and standard version control system to handle simple to large projects, considering the speed and efficiency.

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What is Angular?

In this lesson, we learn about What is Angular and why it has become so popular in recent times, in addition to that it is compared to JavaScript version of Angular framework which is AngularJS.

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